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Inspirational Speaking

Sheree's Speaking Engagements & Workshops guide instincts, imagination, and intuition to navigate the marketplace.

Professional Coaching

Sheree's Intuitive Coaching guides individuals with expertise in developing and facilitating personal growth.

Corporate Consulting

Sheree’s corporate consulting practice includes various clients: C-level executives, doctors, teachers, and entrepreneurs.


What Our Clients Say

“Reading this book changes you. It forces you to embrace the divine. The stories have made me a better healer and dedicated agent of love. This book is a vortex into our true human connection with the all that is. A must read!!!”

“This Book Changes You”

( — Kurt A. Hill Sr., M.DIV, CST, LMT, HHP; Candidate MA Psychology (2016); Founder APCT (Advanced Psychosomatic Character Therapy) )

"Sheree is a highly gifted coach who quickly helped me turn my limiting beliefs around. She gave me personalized exercises which continued my growth after our sessions. Sheree is remarkably effective at motivating and assisting in best ways to present my business. I will continue to use Sheree."


( - Tory Altree, MD )

"Sheree Franklin immediately connected with our team as though she came from within yet inspired and motivated us as only an external authority can. What a gift! Not only has our new economy brought a new set of challenges for a service business such as ours, it has also brought with it new marketing realms that must be understood and utilized in order to compete effectively. Collectively these are known simply as social marketing, Sheree’s message was one of “get with it”, but she didn’t simply deliver this message; she empowered my team with the how-to-do-it tools of change. Within an hour she had the team brilliantly in charge of their destiny. With Sheree’s insight we were better prepared to manage through the muck of the last couple years’ grim economic downturn. By implementing her “get with it” drive mode we have come out on top. We continue to utilize every avenue we can to look at our company and ourselves in our new world and it works."

Maxine’s Salon

( - Maxine Kroll, Owner )

“I attended the Chicago United Visioning Session with Sheree and it was fantastic! Everyone in the room was engaged at a high energy level. Seeing the results is what made me hire Sheree to do the same thing with the Margaret Gardner Opera Steering Committee I was co-chairing. The people on our committee were from all walks of life. We owe the success of the Opera and the Sponsorship Night to the tremendous ideas that flowed when our group visioned with Sheree!"

Steering Committee

( - Sandra Rand, Co-Chair )

“I watched Sheree do a five-minute exercise with a group of right-brain thinkers which resulted in a flow of ideas which produced solid results.”

Chicago United

( - Gloria Castillo, President )


Use Your Intuition to Alert You to the Emotion of Anger

Emotions flow through us like water. Until we consciously become aware of our feelings it is easy to let them get out-of-control. The most damaging emotion is anger. The best way to become aware of this disruptive energy is to develop the practice of constantly observing your emotions. Taking this action is one of the

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Revised Yes You Can 2

Finding the Courage to Trust Your Intuition and Take Action

It takes courage to trust and take action on our intuitive hunches. One of underlying reasons why we do not follow our inner guidance is often because we do not want to risk making a mistake. Most of us would rather be safe than to change, even when we know our choice is no longer

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Intuition Expands When We Take Short Breaks Each Day

We live in a world of overwork, burnout, worry, stress and exhaustion. One of the major drawbacks to our constant state of busyness is we deprive ourselves of the inherent clues our intuition provides us to live happier and more productive lives. So, how do we get off of the treadmill of life and re-charge

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Intuition Influenced by Friendships We Keep

People who want to sharpen their intuitive abilities need to hang out with individuals who value this skill and are supportive. Doing so leaves each party free to explore their differences and actually increases the influence of inner knowing. Research shows that when you spend time with people who respect and believe in intuition your

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Weather Disasters: Use Your Intuition To Determine What Roles You Can Fill

Severe weather conditions being experienced across the USA has many people on edge. The severe damage of tornadoes, flood and storms has happened so quickly that often entire communities are wiped out before warning signals are sounded. All of us are not cut out to be emergency workers but each of us has a vested

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Is The Internet Zapping Our Intuition?

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The internet is highly seductive! We start off looking for one piece of information, and suddenly find ourselves transmitted by colorful and blinking hyperlinks to people, places, articles and things that we hadn’t even planned on finding out about! We live attached to our mobile devices and it is changing our brains! Neurologists have known

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